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The SFCN Starts a Journey to Ethical Garment Manufacturing Supply Chains

The Scottish Fashion Creative Network is just back from an amazing trip to Kathmandu in Nepal. The Britain Nepal Chamber of Commerce (BNCC) invited us for their annual trade mission, which is set up to increase the level and quality of trade between Britain and Nepal.The SFCN wanted to maximise this brilliant opportunity by investigating ethical garment manufacturing supply chains in Nepal.

Why the Journey?

Our aim is to create strong relationships between ethical garment manufacturers based in Nepal and set up a sustainable network available to our membership. Over six days we attended various talks and meetings across Kathmandu set up by the BNCC.

The issue of sustainable textiles and garment manufacturing in Scotland has been brought to our attention many times over the last year. Our members have voiced growing concern over the lack of support and sustainable prices offered by many Scottish manufacturers. This has led to many designers and brands using more affordable alternatives across the globe, the majority of these manufacturers do not or cannot showcase their supply chains or ensure ethical labour.

There is a growing need for sustainable garment production from Scottish designers and brands. As customers become more aware of the unethical treatment of garment makers the public desire to be an ethical consumer grows. We want to offer our membership access to a network of manufacturers able to ensure a high standard of labour and garment quality at a sustainable price through shared costs.

What’s The Next Step?

We need Scottish designers and brand owners to help us on our journey. If you are interested in getting involved with the SFCN ethical supply chain network please fill out our short survey. This will help us gather information to prioritise the needs of our members and local creatives.

If you’re a designer or brand owner looking to source sustainable and ethical garments manufacturing get involved! Click here to become a SFCN member!

For more information about our journey to sustainable and ethical garment manufacturing supply chains get in touch with –



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